2017 Schedule



Jan 3 District Wide Keynote- Coffee County, TN
Jan 4 3 Hour Training- Maury County, TN
Jan 6 Full Day Training- Sequatchie County, TN
Jan 16 Full Day Training-Tullahoma TN
Jan 23 Keynote-Lone Star State School Counselor Conferencel-Frisco TX
Jan 30-31 Keynote and Training- SDE Beyond the Buzzwords: Fostering Resiliency and Grit Conference


Feb 19-20 Keynote-Curacao Teacher Conference, Curacao, Caribbean
Feb 22 Keynote-At-Risk Youth Forum, Myrtle Beach SC
Feb 24 National Title 1 Conference- 3 Hour Training, Long Beach, CA


March 2nd-Title 1 Parent Engagement, Watertown, TN
March 11 Title 1 Parent Engagement, Rutherford County Schools
March 22 National School Social Workers Conference-Training,
San Diego, CA
March 25 ASCD National Conference-Training, Anaheim, CA


April 8th-Cheathum County Support Staff training
April 13-18th-Lahaina Intermediate School, Maui
April 26 Keynote: TN Dept of Ed Nutritional Dept, Pigeon Forge 


May 2  Keynote: TN Dept of Ed Nutritional Dept, Humboldt TN
May 4 Keynote: TN Dept of Ed Nutritional Dept, Franklin TN
May 26th-Rock Creek Elementary, Staff Training, Estil Springs TN
May 31st-Principal's Training, Full Day Lawrence County, TN


June 5th-Full Day Teacher Training, Clarkesville TN
June 7th-Keynote-Wilson County Schools
June 13 Keynote: Administrators, London Canada
June 14 Strategic Planning Day with Culture for Learning Team, Chatham Canada
June 20-21st Keynote/workshops, Baltimore MD
June 28th TN ASCD Full Day Training, Gatlinburg, TN


July 10th-Keynote, GA CTE Conference
July 11th-Keynote TN Alternative Ed Conference
July13-14th-Trainings, SDE Discipline 1 Conference Las Vegas, NV
July 20th-Full Day Training, CTE Teachers, Clarkesville, TN
July 25-26 SDE Conference, Rutherford County TN
July 28 Keynote-District Wide McNairy County TN
July 31st-District Wide Keynote, Lenoir County, TN


August 1st-District Wide Keynote, Lawrence County, TN
August 2nd-Full Day Teacher Training, Laverne, TN
August 3rd-District  Wide  Keynote, Elizabethtown, KY
August 4th-District Wide Keynote, Monroe County, TN
August 7th-District Wide Keynote, Warren County, TN
August 10th-District Wide Keynote Aransas County ISD Rockport TX
August 17th-Conference Keynote/Training,  Aberdeen, VA
August 22nd  Title 1 Conference Keynote, Burley Idaho
August 23 Professional Development Pioneer High School, Mission TX
August 28th   Title 1 Conference Keynote, Cortilane, Idaho


September 9 Keynote: Title1 Conference, Sacramento CA
September 18 Keynote: Missouri Dept of Ed


October 3rd-4th Conference Keynote, LA Educational Diagnostic Association, Lafayette, LA
October 11 Keynote: Title 1 Conference Bismarck ND
October 18-19th-Keynote, Florida Association of School Social Workers Conference
October 27th — San Antonio Alternative Education Conference


November 8th — 9th Keynote NC School Counselor Conference
November 10th — Keynote Indiana School Social Workers Conference
November 6th — 1/2 Day PD Alcoa High School
November 7th — International Bullying Prevention Association Conference-Nashville TN
November 9th —  Keynote North Carolina School Counselor Conference


December 6th — Timberland High School-St Stephen South Carolina