Stainless Steel Travel Mugs: Great Gift for Individuals or Entire Staff

Become a World Class Dopamine Slinger!!

You can’t read a book and run from a lion at the same time! Until students stop running from lions (ie. stress and fears are reduced) the brain cannot learn. The more doses of dopamine…the more brain power.
Dopamine is an amazing brain chemical often called ‘The Molecule of Happiness’. When we ‘Sling Dopamine’, by way of laughter, supportive connections with others, praise, positive feedback, exercise, validating, just to name a few, great things happen!

  • Memory storage is enhanced

  • Focus and Attention is increased

  • Cortisol levels decrease

  • Mood improves

  • Information flows faster and more efficiently

This travel mug is a great reminder to be a world class dopamine slinger every chance you get and to help make other people’s day better because they got a dose of dopamine from you! These mugs make great gift ideas for teachers, support staff, social workers, guidance counselors, district administrators and beyond the educational world...

Travel Mug Product Details

  • Stainless Steel Outer Wall with Blue and Yellow Color Accents

  • Plastic Lid with Spill Prevention Slide Lock

  • Matching Plastic Inner Lining Insulation

  • Smooth Curved Body for Easy Grab-n-go

  • BPA Free

Travel Mug
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