What they're saying about Tara

"Tara Brown is a passionate and dynamic trainer who motivates her participants to be the finest educators and advocates for students. Through her wonderful sense of humor and use of real world situations, Tara diligently equips the audience with creative and meaningful tools in order to reach all students. She is respected and admired by her audience. The outpour of positive feedback is an indicator of her engaging personality and expertise in her field.
—Deborah Cook

Supervisor, Title I School Improvement

Hillsborough County Public Schools

Tampa, Florida

"It is often difficult to find speakers/consultants who ‘hit the nail on the head’ with their message and your expectations. Our district was fortunate to have one of these experiences yesterday because we secured Tara Brown as our opening day presenter. She was Phenomenal! Tara provided a dynamic keynote to our certified and support staff in the morning, a one hour workshop to a group of student leaders, and a closing workshop on the ‘Power of One.’ As a former teacher, she connects easily with her audience, can tell it to them straight and has them laughing and crying along the way. My staff is 'abuzz’ about their experiences with Tara yesterday, have commented that this was just what they needed and are very prepared to greet, support and make a difference in their student’s lives as the school year begins."
—Chris Clark
Zion-Benton School District

"The response and feedback from my teachers across the district was unbelievable. Very powerful presentation with relevant content from someone who has spent years in the trenches. I would highly recommend this workshop for other districts.
—Jimmy Long
Superintendent Humphreys County

President, Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents

"You gave an excellent presentation at White Hall High School this past Friday. I have never heard so many positive comments on the material. You had a great impact on us!!! Thank you for such an informative and inspiring in-service!!!"
—Curtis White
White Bluff, Arkansas

"I had the pleasure to meet an amazing woman with a powerful voice.  Tara Brown is very passionate, honest, and dedicated speaker that would be perfect for any event at your school, business, conference, etc.  She brings an energy that is infectious and a message that can impact the masses.  If you ever have the opportunity to have her in your building you will not be sorry.  She has the ability to change lives with her message and passion."
—Darnell Rios

Student Support Speciali
Zion Alternative Program (ZAP)
Zion, Illinois

"I usually dread "professional development". I know that sounds bad, but it is true. Too many times these days are spent hearing the latest edu-babble that is recycled from 10 years ago... or... even worse: totally not relevant to anything we, as teachers, do.

I could not have been more pleasantly surprised than when our district brought in Tara Brown. From the moment she started I was not only entertained but enlightened! Her information was so validating and positive. For the first time in my career I was actually looking forward to returning from our lunch break. Not once did I see anyone checking e-mail or drifting off: we were all engaged and excited to hear what she had to share. 

If I could make one education reform it would be to require all new (and not so new) teachers to attend a session with Tara before stepping foot in the classroom. The world would be a better place!"

—Amy Jackson
Kenwood High School

"I have attended a 2 day workshop by Tara Brown in Dubai. Her way of ‘teaching’ is very interesting and helpful. She was able to touch all that were in the workshop from across the middle east and was able to connect with them even though they all came from different environments and cultures. I respect and thank her for her great work and recommend her to others." 
—Fida Abuhamda
Teacher-Khadeeja Elementary School

"You were an AWESOME Keynote Speaker!  Your enthusiasm is contagious and I loved your stories.  I really wished that we had a longer time to listen to your words of wisdom.   You were entertaining, humorous, and loaded with great suggestions to make me a better teacher; and for that I thank you.  Thanks for sharing your time and enthusiasm with us today: What a great way to get the school year started!"
—Howard Sutz  

"Tara Brown speaks with the voice of one who has ongoing real-world experience in the classroom. She is passionate about the positive relationships teachers must have with their students and communicates it in a way that will inspire your faculty.
—R. Martin
Waverly Central High

"Yesterday was absolutely awesome! I have heard more positive feedback from this staff development than any other we have offered in the last 6 years. What a joy it was to see the whole faculty totally absorbing all you said and laughing at the same time! What a powerful impact you had on JCS! We look forward to having you again in the future.
—LeLe McCollum 
Star Coordinator/Instructional Leader

John Coleman School-Smyrna, Tn.

"Thank you very much for your spirit and commitment to your mission!! Your sessions were very useful and enjoyable, although because of the long days, I FELT TIRED AT TIMES BUT NEVER BORED! You made us laugh and happy!! Your students were really lucky!!
—Ghada Younis
, Dubai AUE
International Educational Conference 2009

"Tara's hallmark is her humor. I've seen her use laughter to bring together incredibly diverse groups of students and educators. She gets people to relax, then challenges them to build connections, and equips them with tools for leadership in school, work and life.
—Ann Saylor

YMCA Center for Asset Development

Dr. Dianne Thompson, Director of Advisement and Counseling

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