Teen Life Coaching

The Problem

At times, parents struggle greatly to connect and influence teens who can be hard to understand, challenging to communicate with and lacking motivation in both school and life. Often, continual struggles and stress occur over grades, lack of direction and follow through in and out of the classroom environment. Navigating these waters can be emotionally challenging for parents and teens. Course correcting with someone who is caring and skilled in academics and coaching is vital.

The Solution

Described as The Teen Whisperer, award winning educator and author Tara Brown brings her expertise to you in helping both kids and parents navigate the most critical times of a teen's life. Tara gets results through building strong relationships, accountability, self-reflection, improved self-esteem, focus, parental and teacher collaboration and much more.

Tara uses a holistic approach to address the multi-dimensional teen, combining both compassionate connections and tough love. Parents will begin to see tremendous growth both personally and academically as their teen is challenged to embrace their true greatness. Tara's background in teaching, training, youth coaching and stand-up comedy work to unleash the potential in your child as well as your parenting. By discovering what motivates your teen, both academically and in life, Tara expertly guides them in the direction of their dreams and holds them accountable every step of the way.

Clips from Tara's Antioch High School Honor Grad Speech

Article in Brentwood Life: Tara offers holistic approach to helping kids

Tara on WebTalk Radio with host Jim Higley in an episode of Bobblehead Dad – Connecting with Your Kids!

Services available:

  • Create measurable and achievable weekly academic and personal life goals.
  • Create and track "accountability and commitment" plan
  • Conduct weekly communication with all teachers and follow-up discussion with parent.
  • Increase test preparation including study skills
  • Develop weekly written self-assessment/progress report completed by teen for both personal and academic goals
  • Agenda/notebook-checked each session
  • Improve Time and Organizational skills
  • Assign reading each week with reflective writing
  • Attend school meetings and conferences
  • Personal Growth Work/Exercises
  • Physical activity and tailored workouts
  • Self assessment-strengths, weaknesses
  • Mission statement
  • Leadership development

Tara works with teens all over the nation both in person and remotely through Skype Sessions. She tailors programs with a focus on relevant issues to meet the needs of each individual. 

What they're saying about Tara

"There is a reason young people gravitate towards Tara. She knows how to create and maintain an environment that is respectful, rewarding, and relevant. Most importantly, young people know that she cares."
—Hal Cato

President & CEO

Oasis Center

 "Advisor and friend are just a couple of words that our family would use to describe Tara.   She has provided many hours of guidance and support to our family and son.   She has taught him many life lessons by holding him accountable for his decisions and actions.  Tara worked with us and our son’s teachers to help address areas where we have all struggled to find answers for the school environment.  Most of all Tara really connects with our family through frequent communication, humor, and tough love.  Thank you for all you do!"
—K. Bond, Parent

"Tara is a nice person to work with.  She knows you just like your parents.  Tara knows when you are lying or second guessing yourself.  She is funny at times and serious at others.  Tara helps you learn how to control yourself."
—Tyler, 14 yrs old

 "All I have to say to Sara is ;What would Tara say?' Sara responds by quoting, 'Would you be proud to put your name on that?' If the answer is no, Sara starts making changes. Tara the Tiger (as we affectionately call her) took Sara from an attitude of doing 'just good enough to get by' to 'if it's worth doing than it's worth doing right.' What a wonderful change! Even Sylvan Learning couldn't produce that kind of change. Thank you Tara!"

—C. Kubica, Parent

"Tara was tough on me but I respect that. I've worked with other coaches and it was too easy to pull one over on them—not Tara. When I think about when I work with her, I sit up straight, listen, take notes than study, study, study! She's tough but fair." 

—Sarah, 14 yrs old

"After one conversation with Tara, my only question was...'When can you move in?!'" 

—Thrilled parent

"I would highly recommend Tara Brown as a mentor… dynamic, energetic, humorous and displays a keen sensitivity to adolescent issues."

—Melinda Carver

Mentoring Program Coordinator

Davidson County School District

"Tara Brown's skills and leadership in and out of the classroom are magical. She is able to create an environment where teens not only show up in body, but they show up in spirit as well - fully present, fully engaged…Her humor and compassion set students free to be themselves…when it comes to developing student-teacher relationships and actively engaging youth…Tara keeps it real and makes a difference."

—Susan Ragsdale

Center for Asset Development

The Shadowing Project
The Shadowing Project in Beirut, Lebanon was awarded a grant to help teens explore their passions, strengths and career goals. Tara was asked to be one of 2 trainers to help lead the teens in self-discovery exercises and discussions throughout the day long workshop. Read more about the Shadowing Project in Beirut.


“Raising teenagers is like trying to nail Jell-o to a tree.”

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