BRAIN RULES: Plug In-Turn On
Applying the Newest Brain Research in the Classroom

In the past ten years, researchers have discovered more information about the brain than in all previous years combined. The advances in our understanding of how the brain works and factors that impact learning have been staggering. This workshop is designed to help introduce educators to this research in a very easy to understand way, as well as to provide strategies to implement the information in their classrooms.

Among the topics covered:

  • The strong connection between emotions and learning new information
  • Delivery style and its impact on the synapses switches
  • Stress and its effects on receiving and retaining information
  • Differences in how males and females receive and store information.
  • Powerful role of the educator in motivation and engagement
This informative training can transform a teacher's approach to preparing and delivering new material and will greatly benefit students of all ages.
“If your body don’t move...your brain don’t groove.”  Dave Meier, Director of the Center for Accelerated Learning