Increasing Classroom Performance through Stronger Connections

Connecting and building relationships within a school and the classroom is vital if true potential is to be realized. This research packed workshop will help educators truly understand how to unleash the power of positive relationships and the impact it will have on academic performance and behavior.

Participants will learn:

  • How and why stronger student-teacher connections increase classroom performance
  • Bonnie Bernard's Resiliency Research and how educators can play a key role in increasing resiliency in their students
  • Search Institute's climate/culture changing 40 Developmental Assets
  • Intentional actions educators can do to increase student engagement, motivation, interest and involvement, day in and day out
  • Strategies to connect with students from Tara's book Different Cultures-Common Ground: 85 Proven Strategies to Connect in the Classroom.

“Positive teacher-student relationships lead to higher academic motivation and academic success as well as increased student social-emotional skills…”     (Roeser, Urdan 1996, Wentzel 2003)  Tryon Edwards