Helping the Under-Resourced Student Succeed

In today’s challenging economy, more and more students are becoming Under-Resourced. The school can and should be a major stabilizing force in the lives of kids in poverty. This Research based workshop provides the latest information on identifying and serving these students. Tara has combined her years of working with At-Risk youth with certification in Ruby Payne's 'A Framework for Understanding Poverty' curriculum to create a valuable training for schools serving the Title 1 Population. 

Among the topics covered:

  • Identifying the resources your students have or need.
  • Factors contributing to underachievement that schools can directly impact
  • Poverty-related behavior that impacts learning and engagement
  • Impact of economic class differences on communication and expectations
  • Symptoms of generational poverty and its impact on achievement
  • 10 Things At-Risk youth wish all educators understood
“Students that have a caring adult role model are 65% more confident in their school performance”  YMCA