You are the CEO of your Classroom

Educators are Leaders...or they better be. Many teachers unfortunately are unprepared for taking on that leadership role and becoming the CEO as they step into their classroom. The average teacher retention rate is less than four years, partially because many educators don't fully understand how crucial their leadership approach in the classroom truly is. This program is designed to help educators re-examine their Leadership Approach to running their classrooms. It will also help them realize the importance of the Leadership Footprint they are placing on the classroom environment, which will directly impact behavior, student engagement and achievement.

Topics covered:

  • Strategies of successful CEO's and how to best apply those in the classroom
  • Different leadership styles and their impact on students
  • Assessment of how teachers are leading and the verbal and non-verbal messages they are sending
  • Examining areas of individual strengths and weaknesses as leaders in the classroom….impact on classroom management.
  • Action plan to begin improving their leadership skills and becoming a more effective CEO

“Managing with influence rather than power will not only keep students emotionally able to concentrate, but equally as important, will preserve relationships between student and teacher.”  Grinder